POTUS Trump decides to not strike deal with Kim Jong Un

No deal is struck between North Korea and America despite their meeting in Vietnam. This is both countries second nuclear summit between the two presidents. Despite the fact that President Trump has stated that both men have a "good relationship", the collapse of talks over going to a deal, showcase that while process has been made between the two countries, a lot of work still needs to be done.

Why no deal though? What led to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo & President Trump saying the deal is a no go? Apparently according to President Trump, Kim Jong Un wanted all sanctions lifted for North Korea in exchange for partial denuclearization. That did not fly with America. It's either full denuclearization or nothing at all.


Washington seems to have mixed feelings about the nuclear summit. On one hand some believe it was a complete failure and no progress was made & on the other hand some are happy President Trump did not cave into agreeing to a weak deal with North Korea.

Regardless of walking away with no deal, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo says progress was indeed still made.


President Trump did hold a press conference over there in Hanoi, Vietnam and took questions. One reporter brought up the American Otto Warmbier who was detained in North Korean for quite some time and brought home basically a vegetable. The reporter asked President Trump whether he brought up Warmbier to Kim Jong Un and if he knew anything about his treatment or detainment. President Trump said he did speak to Kim Jong Un about it and he felt very bad about it. Trump said Kim Jong Un told him he was not aware of it and Trump said he would take him at his word.


What do you make of the second nuclear summit? Do you think it was a total failure as some in Washington are saying? Or do you agree with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that some progress was still made?

-Producer Lightning


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