Mount Holyoke College students protest a police academy graduation

Mount Holyoke students have planned to protest a Western Massachusetts Police Academy graduation that is set to take place today at the school. These so called protesters claim that black women, women of color, disabled people, undocumented folks, trans & queer folks among other minorities are in danger and their safety is at risk as a result of these student officers being on their campus. The protesters referred to police and these student officers as being part of a "known paramilitary organization with a documented history of white supremacist and patriarchal violenceā€. The Holyoke students plastered their own flyers containing their "concern" saying "this is reason to be alarmed".

Protesters Flyer

This so called "protest" is the most disgusting thing I've heard in a while. These college students don't even know what real issues are because they're living under the bubble of their campus and prior to that they've lived under the safe roofs of their parents. These student officers have busted their butts off to get to this day and for these protesters to demonize them like this without fully knowing the sacrifice these officers have signed up for is not only ignorant but distasteful. These protesters have been brainwashed into thinking that ALL police officers are white supremacists who are racist and a threat to society when it could not be farther from the truth. Those police officers who CHOSE to take a bullet for said protesters and fight for the very right for those protesters to protest and have the freedom to do so in this country, are not just white males, they are women of color, gay, part of the LGBTQ community, minorities themselves so to say they are anti-diversity as a whole and to label them all is asinine and contradictory to what actually makes up a police unit overall. If you look at the graduating class, the very class these foolish students are protesting, it contains women, women of color, and other minorities of color.


In my opinion these student protesters should be ashamed of themselves because we all know when you're mugged, held at gunpoint, or have your house broken into, who are you going to turn to? The people you label as a paramilitary group? YUP. Bottom line, have some respect, actually get to know the individuals you are protesting, and stop believing the so called stereotype that is slapped onto all officers and understand that everyone one of them lives their lives everyday by not knowing if they will come home to their families that night because their job is to protect, YOU; the ones who spit in their faces and call them pigs.


-Producer Lightning


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