Hillary Clinton believes Mueller Report proves POTUS obstructed justice

Former First Lady & Democratic nominee for President in 2016, Hillary Clinton, sat down with TIME Magazine at their TIME 100 summit in New York City this week and was asked about her thoughts on the Mueller Report & if she believes that President Trump obstructed justice or not. She clearly stated that yes, she believes he did and that the report lays out say "11 examples" and gives you the facts but due to the fact that it is against the Justice Department's guidelines to indict a sitting president, President Trump was not indicted by them. Hillary says it's now up to Congress and take the POTUS down.


Hillary Clinton went on to speak about impeachment and whether President Trump should be impeached. TIME brought up Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi's stance on impeachment for Trump & asked Clinton her thoughts. Clinton thinks it's fully appropriate for Congress to call on Don McGahn who was White House Counsel for the President.


Mind you this is all coming from the women who used her private email server to distribute classified government information while she was Secretary of State under the Obama administration so clearly she has a leg to stand on right...? Her email scandal has been deemed “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.” by the courts! & yet she was not charged or put in prison even though James Comey found evidence of her using that private server. Evidence was found on her political staffer Huma Abedin's husband, Anthony Weiner's laptop! In addition, according to Judicial Watch, HERE, evidence was even found in the Obama White House of Hillary's email records.

That's just rich that the one who actually broke the law while in the White House is pushing for the current president to be impeached when there was no concrete evidence of him breaking the law...


-Producer Lightning


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