Are you considering moving or switching jobs due to your commute?

A new survey by MassINC polling group has found that over 70% of full time workers that were surveyed statewide, have reported feeling frustrated, angry, and stressed over their daily commute. Additionally, some are even considering changing jobs, about 30% of those polled & 23%, about 1 in 4 are debating leaving the region all together due to the increasing traffic problem here in the Greater Boston area. Some commuters have tried leaving home earlier or later than usual to avoid what they think is the rush hour. While some change their routines to avoid the worst of the traffic, half of the 70% who reported being mentally distraught over their commute, say they are late to work or appointments as a result of the congestion in Boston.


Governor Baker weighed in on the situation saying they are "in the midst of comprehensive review of traffic related issues." He does not support raising taxes like a congestion tax & his administration is planning on spending around $8 million on public transportation as well as the same amount for roads and bridges. “I don’t believe that raising taxes is the answer to this problem at this point in time,” Baker said. “I think the answer is to pursue the strategies that we’ve proposed, which are the largest and best investments the commonwealth has made over any five-year period outside of the Big Dig. “We certainly believe we need to spend more money on transportation, and we’re putting our money where our mouth is on that one"

Are you one of the many commuters who are fed up with their daily commute and want to either move or change jobs? What do you suggest for tackling the horrific traffic problem here in the Greater Boston area? Boston was rated the #1 worst city in the United States this year for traffic congestion during peak commuting times, that's over New York City & L.A!

-Producer Lightning


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