Nashville bachelorette parties are NOT happy the NFL Draft is in town!

Nashville, Tennessee has become the go to destination for bachelorette parties. I myself am going to Nashville in a couple weeks time for my own bachelorette party! Now, I've been to Nashville years ago and loved it before it became this hot bed for bachelorette parties so I'd like to think I was ahead of the curve & not going there just because it's trendy. I love country music & it's a super fun, musical city so I can see why all the bachelorettes flock there!

With that being said, this year Nashville is hosting the NFL Draft and some bachelorette parties had a not so pleasant surprise when they got to the city and discovered all these football guys where crowding the downtown area. The NFL Draft was announced last May 23rd so they had a year to know about it ahead of time but let's be honest, do you think a bunch of women are in the known about sports & more specifically the NFL Draft? No.

The media caught up with some of these bachelorette parties & judging by their reactions, they don't seem to be as blissful as they thought they would be down in Nashville...


Are these bachelorettes hilarious or what? Or do you feel somewhat bad for them? Do you have any sympathy whatsoever for them trying to enjoy themselves in downtown Nashville while the NFL Draft crowd rains on their parade? Are they overreacting? I think a tad bit...I mean I get it because I'm literally going there in a matter of weeks. This could have easily happened to me! I think it would be fun having a more lively crowd around like the NFL Draft guys! The only way I'd be upset is if I missed out on getting into certain bars or places because of the NFL Draft, then I would be annoyed like these ladies...


I can't wait to go down to Nashville for my bachelorette & there will definitely be videos & pictures!

-Producer Lightning


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