Warren is met by unimpressed passengers on an airport shuttle

Senator and now 2020 running candidate for President, Elizabeth Warren hopped on an airport shuttle on Mother's Day to get where she needed to go. She tried interacting and mingling with the other passengers who could not have cared less she was there. Someone did video her on the shuttle asking, "Is that Elizabeth Warren"? Someone said "yes", unimpressed and went back about their business. It was so obvious she wanted to soak up all this attention and affection from people like, 'look at me being normal like the rest of you on a shuttle', and was met by people who could not have cared less she was there. The response here from the passengers is priceless!


Who is the celebrity you came in contact with that you could not care less you had a run in with? Would you have had the same response as these passengers if you ran into Elizabeth Warren or say someone like Bernie Sanders?

-Producer Lightning


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