Special Counsel Robert Mueller says indicting Trump was not an option...

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who was appointed to look into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, spoke out today on his released report. Initially it was Attorney General William Barr who recapped Mueller's findings from his report and relayed it to the public but Democrats and others were not happy with what they heard and the report's findings. Mueller himself was not happy with the way AG Barr handled his report, so much so that he felt it necessary to explain himself and his report, publicly. He did not take any questions, just came out for about 10 minutes, explained the investigation, what occurred, it's findings or lack there of, and why the department handled it the way they did.


What Robert Mueller did here is basically say it's out of my hands, it's up to you to pursue impeachment because I cannot indict a sitting president regardless of what I find. That's what the bottom line is here. Mueller basically said don't blame me, blame the system because I cannot be the great hero you want me to be. There may be suspicious activity but there is also insufficient evidence or proof to indict someone, even with the policy of the Department of Justice.

With all Mueller said this morning, the big takeaway is he just passed the baton to Congress and left it in their hands. It looks at though Congress will be on the move soon as other political figures are already speaking out such as Democratic Presidential candidate Kamala Harris:


President Trump is gearing up for impeachment proceedings and a source close to Mr. Trump says: "Let’s do it. This fight will end up on our side. American people will see this as a scam."

In addition POTUS Trump did since tweet out his thoughts after Mueller's comments this morning:


We ask you after this morning's comments from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, if Congress will actually impeach President Trump?


VB grades Mueller's statements a grade of a D- ! Find out why as he hears from you the listeners with your thoughts...


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