"Did she say something?" City Council Member might have been sworn at...

Tampa Bay has been through a lot this year...first their hockey team gets pummeled in the first round of the playoffs, now their City Council meeting goes a muck. During the meeting this past week a legislative aid, Carrie Henriquez, for Council Member Guido Maniscalco, got up to walk out of the room and coughed while she walked right behind Council Member Luis Viera. Now, Viera immediately perked right up and looked alarmed. It was interpreted that that cough was a "cough curse" or swear directed towards Mr. Viera by the legislative aid. If it was indeed a "cough curse", why would she do it? Apparently her boss, Mr. Maniscalco lost a chairmanship bid to Mr. Viera about a month prior.

Every City Council meeting is publicly recorded and probably not once in history has a tape been reviewed more often than this one containing the "cough incident".


Legislative aid, Carrie Henriquez, who is being accused of this "cough curse" has denied the accusation, stating that she would never do something like that: "I said no words. I coughed. I sneezed. I coughed. I sneezed. I can be salty sometimes, but I would never do anything to jeopardize the council member's (Maniscalco’s) reputation or my husband's good name." Henriquez is married to the Hillsborough County Property Appraiser.

Mr. Viera can be seen or almost heard in the video saying out loud, "did she say something?". While he did approach her and ask if she swore at the other Council Member, to which she denied doing so, Maniscalco is not convinced she swore at Mr. Viera. The whole incident is under investigation at this time.

What do you think, did Mrs. Henriquez swear under her breath in a cough at this Council Member?

-Producer Lightning


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