Lightning in a Bottle: May: Nashville Brewery Tour!

As many of you know, I went to Nashville for my Bachelorette party & luckily I survived to tell the tale! While I was down there I decided to embark on what I'm calling my "Nashville Brewery Tour"! I visited 3 different local breweries in and around Nashville, chose a beer or two from each one and by the end of my tour I chose what my "beer of the month" is for "Lightning in a Bottle"! I wanted to do a specialty blog this month because of my Nashville trip, so all of these beers I mention and the one I choose as this month's choice are indeed native to Nashville so while it's not local per say, I thought it was appropriate seeing as how I spent more time sampling beers in Nashville in one weekend than I did in New England the whole month! With that being said, up first is stop one on my "Nashville Brewery Tour"...

Stop 1) Tailgate Brewery on Music Row in Nashville, TN

Beer Choice(s): Coconut Blonde & Tailgate Lager


Let's step up to the bar & sample a beer...or two! Check out Tailgate Brewery's website HERE for more info on their beer selections.


Stop 2) Bearded Iris Brewing

Beer Choice: Pharmacy Pills


Stop 3) Nashville Brewing Company/ Blackstone Brewing Company

Beer Choice: Nashville Lager

The Bachelorette crew outside Nashville/Blackstone Brewing Company

I went, I tasted, I conquered, then I chose my "Lightning in a Bottle" beer choice as Bearded Iris Brewing's "Pharmacy Pills" which I gave an 8 out of 10! I found this beer to be the most flavorful and quite honestly, delicious! The beer left me wanting more! The taproom was super laid back with an old school taproom vibe filled with old furniture, a pool table, board games, and vintage looking bar stools overlooking an open space where the beer is made. The environment is very friendly and welcoming so much so that I ended up chatting with this nice couple from Pittsburgh that was in Nashville celebrating their 10 year anniversary, also visiting some local breweries and we chatted for about 10-15 minutes just about life so not only was the beer fantastic, their tap room made for a highly enjoyable experience. I will rate their taproom as a 9 out of 10. The only way it would be a 10 is if Blackbeard himself came out and starting swigging down a beer! (Haha) but otherwise it was pretty close to a perfect beer tasting experience! If you are ever in the Nashville area, this is the #1 beer I recommend and the #1 brewery I recommend checking out. The others were worth a visit but if you only have time to visit one, I recommend "Bearded Iris Brewing". It seems to be a place the locals visit so it's more down to earth and less "touristy" so it's a good off the beaten path place to check out.

That's my May choice for "Lightning in a Bottle", "Pharmacy Pills"! Love the name, love the beer, love the brewery! Check out their website HERE for more info on their beers!

-Producer Lightning


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