Trump supporter stabs "Trump Baby Balloon" & says "yeah baby"

A woman who is an English Trump supporter, who we're now calling "Parade Patty" took a knife to the "Trump Baby Balloon" that was flying high over a protest while President Trump was visiting London and meeting with the Royals as well as Prime Minister Theresa May. The name of this British Trump supporter is Amy Dalla Mura & she ended up injuring herself more than "Trump Baby". She recorded herself after the stabbing of the balloon, fairly proud of herself & then continued to disclosure that she injured herself quite badly and was bleeding from her hand as a result of her efforts. Police did catch up with her and tried reprimanding her.

Watch the video Mura recorded here:


Is this lady not nuts? "America help me!" Even if you're a Trump supporter, you have to admit this "Trump Baby Balloon" is a little have to be able to laugh at yourself. The British just have it right, they have a funny sense of humor & if anything I'm more upset the "Trump Baby Balloon" was stabbed & I'm a fan of Trump!

-Producer Lightning


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