Senator Kirsten Gillibrand celebrates gay pride

Senator and now Democratic candidate for President in 2020, Kristen Gillibrand was visiting Iowa during her campaign and she tended bar at the local Des Moines hot gay bar, "The Blazing Saddle". She was there wearing a rainbow colored tee shirt in honor of gay pride. It was Friday night she was there celebrating Pride Month. A video has surfaced of her taking shots and dancing while mingling with the locals at "The Blazing Saddle". In addition she played beer pong, and had her "drag tater" in tow, which was a Mr. Potato Head that she made during a visit to Iowa Safe Schools, an organization that supports LGBTQ students.


The Democrats are out there playing to the millennials, LGBTQ community, and liberals. I can't fault them for that, they're being smart about it. You as a liberal voter or independent just need to take into consideration if they are genuine to you or is this all for show or a little of both...regardless of your political preference though, you can't help but chuckle at this and the lengths politicians will go for a vote!


-Producer Lightning


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