POTUS Trump's special plans for the 4th of July

Another day, more criticism by the Dems for something or another about President Trump. The latest is that some are upset over President Trump's new plan/idea for a special addition to Washington D.C.'s 4th of July celebrations. He wants to deliver a commemorative speech in front of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial there in D.C. Seems harmless right? What is more patriotic than the President of our United States delivering a nice speech about America? Well apparently some think he is going to turn a patriotic day into a day about him and his accomplishments. In addition, they do not want him politicizing the day.

The Guardian website spoke to a Princeton professor, Julian Zelizer, about this topic and why he and others take aim with the President for this and he said: “Rather than being part of the celebration or even attending the celebration, he will make it about himself and he will make it political.”


As shown above, there are already protesters getting ready to protest and some are planning on bringing "Trump Baby Balloon" to D.C. for the 4th of July if POTUS Trump delivers this special speech of his at the Lincoln Memorial.

The White House has not released much information about the President's plans nor have they spoken to the press about the event.

Some political activists and analysts think this event of President Trump's will be strategically planned and managed where Trump's administration will have a VIP area and only allow his supporters in a large section up front and center and any protesters will be reduced to a handful in the very far back where they are drowned out by his supporters. In addition it's believed by others that this could be a "trap" to get the opposition to come out and appear to look as though they are anti-American by "messing up" the 4th of July.

Right now we do not have any confirmation as to what the President is planning. He tweeted way back in February saying this 4th of July will be like no other and that there will be a "Salute to America" on July 4 that would feature "an address by your favorite President, me!"

If you had the chance to visit Washington D.C. for the 4th of July, would you seek out the Lincoln Memorial to catch a speech by President Trump? I would!

-Producer Lightning


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