NY wants to give illegal aliens driver's licenses; good or bad idea?

The state of New York wants to allow immigrants who enter this country illegally, driver's licences throughout the state. The Assembly in NY met in Albany to vote on this issue. Those assemblymen in agreement with allowing licenses to these individuals say "immigrant families deserve to have the same ability to drive given to other New Yorkers." In addition by allowing them licenses, it "would improve road safety and help the businesses that rely on immigrant employees." Republicans who disagree with his bill argue that the state of New York has no business issuing licenses to immigrants who broke federal immigration laws.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is all for this bill saying:


Governor Andrew Cuomo was against signing the bill at first for the sole reason that he thought it would allow the federal government better access to cracking down on illegal immigration in this country, having more a direct database if you will. He did end up signing this bill though and it passed so in 180 days this new law will go into place in the state of New York, making it the 13th state to implement this. Do you find this new law in NY a good idea or is it a mistake?

-Producer Lightning


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