Doll maker creates sex dolls of dead partners to combat loneliness

A UK doll maker's business has been taking off and attracting a lot of attention due to a special service she now offers her customers; bereavement sex dolls to combat loneliness. That's right, the UK doll maker, Jade Stanley of Sex Doll Official sells customized dolls for various purposes for her customers. She says that loneliness is a big problem in the United Kingdom and she's been seeing a lot of customers request dolls that mimic their deceased partners to combat the extreme loneliness they suffer. Stanley says the doll is not always for sexual purposes, most times for these bereavement dolls, it's for comfort purposes only, even though her company primary makes dolls for sexual purposes.


Customers can completely customize their doll to have the same hair color, eye color, etc. There are guidelines Stanley follows as well. For instance, she will not make a doll of a real living person without their written permission so if you came to her asking her to make you a doll of say Beyonce, she will not do that. If it's a deceased partner, sure.

How do you feel about this? I personally find it creepy but then again if it brings you happiness and combats your loneliness, sure. I don't think this would be for me and thank goodness I do not need to contemplate this option seeing as how I'm on the verge of marrying my living fiance. I suppose if this was say 50 years from now, I might have another perspective but I'm not even going to go there. I think I'm more of a living pet type of person to combat any type of loneliness but what do you think? If you ever found yourself in a devastating situation and alone, would you get a bereavement doll to keep you company?

-Producer Lightning


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