Wayfair employees in Boston plan walk out over sales to detention centers

The company Wayfair is dealing with a bit of attention today for their employees plan to walk out over their sales going to Texas detention centers for immigration. It came to the attention of some of the employees that they had a very large sale of about $200,000 worth of bedroom furniture that was heading to Texas and upon looking into it, it was bought by BCFS, who is a non-profit government contractor of a 3,000-person facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas. As a result of this discovery more than 500 employees of the company wrote to management to stop doing business with BCFS. This is the letter sent to management:


The management of Wayfair have rejected the notion to stop doing business with BCFS and wrote this letter to it's employees:


The management and employees have gone back and forth and as a result of the company's rejection to not do business with BCFS, the employees organized a walk out. In addition they are asking the company to take the sales Wayfair made from this sale and donate it to RAICES, who is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services to under served immigrant children, families, and refugees. More on RAICE HERE


BCFS themselves spoke out about the controversy and they made a statement regarding their purchases of bedroom furniture from Wayfair and their decision to do so: "We believe youth should sleep in beds with mattresses".

The Wayfair employees who are advocates for this walk out have gained the support of popular politicians like AOC and Ed Markey among others:


There are roughly around 5,000 Wayfair employees at the Boston's Back Bay location. It's estimated that there will be about 500 employees of the 5,000 partaking in the walkout.


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