Canadian PM Justin Trudeau criticized for wearing brown face

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under fire for once upon a time, dressing up in brown face as Aladdin at an Arabian Nights night at his former place of work back in 2001. Trudeau used to teach at a Canadian private school and it was there that this Arabian Nights work night took place. That was one of two incidents that surfaced. The second incident occurred in High School where Trudeau sang the song "Day O" at a talent show where he dressed up and wore makeup. There are photos of both incidents. These photos are the reason he is under fire and that some are calling for his resignation. Here are both photos of Trudeau that are all over the internet...

Trudeau spoke out last night about his past "mistakes" and publicly apologized. What I find fascinating is that there is radio silence coming from the Democrats here in America. Where is Elizabeth Warren's statement? Kamala Harris? Cory Booker? No where to be found...that's because Trudeau is a liberal and not a conservative. This is getting not as much air play or coverage as say a false claim by the NY Times claiming there is a new sexual misconduct incident against Kavanaugh where there was NO EVIDENCE! This is the break down...conservative = bad, liberal = okay. This is how unbelievable the Democrats' actions are. You have someone like Kavanaugh who is a Trump favorite and contains no hard evidence against him and all we hear every day and night is how we need to impeach Kavanaugh for being a supposedly "sexual predator" (according to Ayanna Pressley) and then we have PM Trudeau who literally dressed up in brown face and black face and there IS PHOTO EVIDENCE and nothing, nothing to be seen here. Interesting how the world turns in the eyes of a's sickening, really.


With the admission of dressing in brown face and black face, should Trudeau resign or just wait it out?


-Producer Lightning


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