Six-Year-Old Boy Brutally Beaten By Homeless Man In New York City

A six-year-old boy is in critical condition after he was randomly attacked by a homeless man in New York City. The young boy was waiting for a pizza delivery in front of his grandfather's home, along with his brother, when the homeless man approached them.

He picked up the boy and slammed him into the concrete while his brother ran inside to get help.

"This emotionally deranged individual came into my driveway, picked up my grandson, and slammed him to the ground," Neftali Portnoy, the boy's grandfather, told WABC.

Portnoy called 911 and rushed outside to follow the man, who was identified as Laurance Gendreau.

"I followed the perp down the block, and that's when the police came. I was on the phone with 911. He was obviously an emotionally disturbed person," he told the New York Daily News. "When I followed him, he was screaming something. When the cops pulled up, he said, 'I'm bipolar.' And then he said something about killing."

They took Gendreau into custody without incident and he was brought to a psychiatric facility for a mental health evaluation. Officials say he will likely face charges of assault and harassment once he is released from the hospital.

The young boy was rushed to the hospital and is in critical but stable condition. He suffered a concussion, hemorrhaging to the brain, and facial contusions, but is expected to survive.

"The child is intubated, and the child is sedated. We hope and we pray that God's watching over him, and he'll be OK and that nothing like this happens to anyone," Portnoy said.