Warren thinks taxpayers should pay for prisoners' sex change operations

Last night CNN hosted an LGBTQ Town Hall where a majority of the Democratic candidates running for President had a time slot where they got to answer questions and speak on issues within the LGBTQ community. Senator Elizabeth Warren was asked about trans prisoner's right to a sex change operation at the expense of the taxpayers dollars. In 2012 when she was running for the Senate she was asked her stance on this topic in the case of a Massachusetts criminal/murderer who wanted to become a woman in prison and have the state pay for it. Warren criticized a judge's ruling in favor of the prisoner then and said it was a bad use of taxpayers dollars. Last night she was asked if she regrets that answer, and she said yes, it was the wrong answer.


Do you really believe Warren thinks that was the wrong answer or does she just know what the crowd wants to hear? I think she knows what's popular in 2019 and she's playing to that idea regardless of what she truly thinks. If you are a prisoner and you committed a crime, under no circumstances should we as the taxpayers pay for cosmetic surgery. You lose your privileges and some rights due to the fact that you committed a crime. If you want to be a woman, you should have thought about that before you committed a crime. The debate about whether gender transformation surgery is essential is up for debate. I do not think it's necessary to survive. It's a preference. Call me insensitive, or whatever but it is not life or death (regardless of your mental status) if you do not have a sex change operation. Should you as a citizen be allowed re-identification surgery? Yes, that's your decision and right if you so choose. Should you be allowed as a prisoner? No. You lost that right when you committed a crime. Warren is just playing into the radical left's agenda. What do you think? Should we the taxpayers pay for prisoner's re-identification surgery?


-Producer Lightning


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