The Left flips out over Vince Vaughn engaging with the POTUS & FLOTUS

The Left have themselves all in a tizzy after last night's LSU game where President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump went to the game and were approached by Vince Vaughn in a friendly and engaging manner. The actor sat next to the POTUS & FLOTUS, who were sitting next to Rep. Scalise, for about 30 seconds and engaged in what appeared to be polite and friendly conversation before Vaughn got up and shook both the President and Rep. Scalise's hands before walking away. The Left is flipping out that Vince Vaughn was so cordial and friendly to President Trump, they now want to "cancel" him.

Watch the video of Vaughn's interaction here and you tell us if there is anything wrong with engaging with our President of the United States and showing civility....

This is the sad reality we are living in where the left and the leftist media are more outraged over actor Vince Vaughn engaging with our President of the United States than Iranian General Soleimani killing hundreds of Americans...sad and quite honestly, pathetic.

-Producer Lightning

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