Rhode Island Donut Shop ends police & military discounts in support of BLM

A Rhode Island donut shop, "Allie's Donuts", has made the decision to do away with their police and military discounts in support of "Black Lives Matter". This new change went into effect this past Saturday when Allie's Donuts took to social media to make the announcement. The donut shop decided to do away with their discounts after a Providence firefighter was racially profiled by police officers while he was in uniform. The firefighter was sitting in his car in front of the fire station in uniform when officers approached his car with guns drawn. To read more on that story, follow up, HERE.

As for Allie's Donuts, this latest incident sparked their recent doing away with military and police discounts. They took to Instagram to post this statement on their story:

Agree or disagree with Allie's Donuts' stance? While I certainly disagree with any type of systemic racism, should we do away with all discounts, including the military discount? It's one thing to temporarily do away with the police discounts given the current climate but the military discounts too? What about veterans who served this country who have nothing to do with the current protests or outrage? I don't think they should be punished...that's just me though. I wouldn't do away with the discounts, but what are your thoughts about it?

-Producer Lightning

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