LASP officer applies tourniquet to her partner despite shot through her jaw

Two deputy sheriffs were brutally shot and ambushed while sitting in their own vehicle while on patrol. The suspect walked up to their cruiser and fired multiple rounds into the vehicle at the two officers, leaving them in critical condition. Both officers were able to exit the vehicle and take cover at Metro station in Compton. The 31 year old mother and officer was shot in the jaw and arm and was miraculously able to assist her wounded partner, a 24 year old deputy who was shot in the forehead, arm, and hand. The 31 year old officer prevented her partner was falling over as they took cover and put a tourniquet around him. A video has surfaced of this heroic action and ultimately a decision that very well could have saved this young officer's life. Watch this video here:

As you can see in the video, that 24 year old officer was about to fall straight forward flat on his face if it was not for his partner holding him up and assisting him. Both officers are still in critical condition. There is a $100K reward for any information on this suspect.

Additionally, there is a Go Fund Me page for these two injured officers who are being treated and require multiple surgeries. That treatment will cost a lot of money and the Go Fund Me Page is set up to assist with those costs. The goal is $500K and so far more than half of that has already been donated. If you'd like to donate, please do so, HERE.

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