Biden says if Trump did his job: "all the people would still be available"

Joe Biden had a Town Hall Drive-In event that was hosted by CNN and one of their top journalists, Anderson Cooper. During this Town Hall event, a variety of topics were brought up such as the Trump administration's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, racial inequality, and more. Biden had some false statements and interesting enough, the man urging media outlets to fact check everything President Trump says live, did not find it necessary to have himself fact checked of course and if there was a fact checker, that checker would have been working overtime last night!

Take a listen at this first example of false information coming from the guy who says we need to listen to the science. Where is the scientific data on this one, Joe?

How? How would President Trump or anyone prevent ALL COVID deaths? Do show us the data on this and how the President missed the mark, Biden?

Then, Joe Biden was asked about whether he benefitted from "white privilege". He of course says he did but the second part of his answer was what annoyed him about privilege and in his efforts to relate to underprivileged individuals he started talking about how media outlets started talking about how if elected, Biden would be the first President without an Ivy League education. First off that's false. Biden would not be the first President without an Ivy League education. Secondly, he goes on to double-down on the lie he's accusing others of saying by saying "who the hell makes you think I need to have an Ivy League degree to be President?" No one Biden, no one thinks or said that...

We discuss...

-Producer Lightning

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