First Lady Melania Trump leaked tapes; "Give me a f***** break"!

A private telephone conversation between First Lady Melania Trump and her former best friend and advisor Stephanie Winstin Wolkoff where the First Lady is heard talking about family separations at the border, Christmas, and the liberal media's treatment of her, has been leaked. The conversation revealed Melania Trump's frustrations with the liberal media not treating her fairly and the notion that she can never win no matter what she does. She elaborates on what she was doing to help children separated from her families on top of being responsible for the Christmas decorations and how the media railed against her for doing the decorations and not enough for "the children". Take a listen to a large portion of this conversation that gives us more insight into the First Lady behind closed doors:

Do you blame her for having these frustrations? I don't. Furthermore do you think these tapes helped or hurt her? I don't think these tapes hurt her. I actually think more favorably of her. I think it shows that she has a backbone, she isn't just some robot who is told what to do, and that she has a mind of her own, which knocks down the liberal theory of her being stuck in this relationship in total disagreement with her husband as if she's one of them. If anything, it shows she is more likeminded with the President in how unfair the media is treating not only her husband but her as well in the face of her trying to do good. Bottom line, this shows her human and fierce side and I think we can all relate to the First Lady more now. What do you think? Do you think these leaked tapes hurt Melania in anyway?

Things I've learned about the First Lady:

-The First Lady is PO-ed that no-one is appreciating her well thought out Christmas decorations enough!

-The First Lady drops F-Bombs!

-The First Lady is well aware she's driving the Liberals crazy and she thinks they deserve it!

-Producer Lightning