Utah hiker captures the incident of him being chased by a cougar!

A 26 year old young man from Utah was hiking at Provo’s Slate Canyon Park when he came across four cougar cubs along his path. Soon after spotting the 4 cougar cubs, the mother appeared and pursued Kyle Burgess, the hiker, for quite a distance! Burgess filmed his experience with the mama cougar in which she lunged at him multiple times! Burgess decided to walk backwards as to keep eye contact with the cougar and not take the chance of the cougar attacking him if he turned his back and ran away. Finally Burgess scared the cougar off by throwing a rock at it. Watch the entire interaction with the cougar and this 26 year old hiker, here:

Unbelievable! How did this man not freak out and run away when the thing started lunging at him?! I would freak out! It's actually a good thing he did not turn and run because he probably would have lost his life or been severely injured if he did. Have you ever had a scary encounter with a deadly animal? How did you escape or make it unscathed?

-Producer Lightning