Sen. Cruz says Committee will vote on subpoenas to subpoena Jack Dorsey

There is outrage across the twitter-sphere over the mass censorship overreach by Twitter over the NY Post article regarding Hunter Biden's leaked laptop findings. The NY Post splashed across their pages, information reportedly recovered from Hunter Biden's water damaged laptop that reveals photos, as well as personal email exchanges with board members at Burisma. One email in particular revealed an exchange between Hunter Biden and one Burisma board member named Vadym Pozharskyi that said: "Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving me the opportunity to meet your father and spent some time together". This is the groundbreaking information because if this email is legit and actually real, it reveals that Joe Biden did indeed know about Hunter Biden's dealings. Joe Biden claimed time and time again that he knew nothing about Hunter's business dealings and here we see that not only did he know about it, he even personally met one (if not more) of the board members at Burisma. With that knowledge, Biden would appear to have been caught in a lie which is certainly not a good look to the American people. We still do not know if this information is 100% accurate, Joe Biden has some explaining to do.

Today, Senator Ted Cruz along with Senator Lindsay Graham and the Judiciary Committee are going to vote on issuing subpoenas to subpoena Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey. This is because many including Sen. Cruz say that "big tech" is actively interfering in the November election due to their mass blocking and censorship of the NY Post article that reveals serious allegations of major corruption from one of the Presidential candidates. This is Senator Ted Cruz's statements on the matter and action that the Judiciary Committee is taking against Jack Dorsey and Twitter:

Does anyone disagree that what Twitter did is wrong? I think it's a serious breach of freedom of the press. Now I understand Twitter is a privately owned company and they can do what they wish (in essence) but times are changing because they are no longer a social media outlet that allows family and friends to just share pictures of one another, recipes, and good times. Twitter has turned into an outlet of news distribution, whether that was their original intent or not. With that being said, to censor the NY Post, the 4th largest paper circulation/distribution in the country, is wrong. That's my opinion. They are a news outlet and I think it infringes on freedom of the press. There is a big difference between censoring an individual's opinion and a news outlet. I think both are wrong unless the source in question is inciting violence, danger, or inflammatory comments that are in discriminatory nature that could incite a riot or hate crime. For example if you start constantly tweeting out that all minorities should die, that's inflammatory and there is no need for that in society and yes that is censorship and it's an acceptable censorship in my opinion. I think there are exceptions to censorship that should be allowed, this NY Post article is not one of them because the American people deserve to know if one of our Presidential candidates lied to us. Just my thoughts, what's yours?

-Producer Lightning

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