Scaring the hell out of your child by inviting bigfoot to their birthday...

What's a sure way to ruin your child's 6th birthday party? By inviting a bigfoot to scare the hell out of your child and all your child's friends!

An Oklahoma mom thought it was a good idea to surprise her daughter by inviting a Mrs. BigFoot to show up to her daughter's birthday party. The actor the mom hired came dressed as a female bigfoot wearing a tutu, bow, and carrying balloons. Cinnamon, Mrs. Bigfoot's name, first appeared outside the window peering into the party. It was then when the kids spotted Cinnamon that the screaming and crying started, sending all the kids into a frenzy! Take a look!

Good thing when Cinnamon actually came inside and started engaging with the adults and hugging them, the kids came around! It wasn't a total disaster after all then!

Call me a terrible person but I think that's hilarious what happened! Of course the children did not think it was hilarious but I bet they will when they see the pictures and videos in about 20 years...that is if they are done with therapy by that point!

I cannot decide if these are terrible parents or great parents! Those pictures and videos are now in the category of priceless childhood crying photos that we notoriously see with kids on Santa or the Easter Bunny's lap. How many kids can grow up saying hey, your Santa crying photo is cute and all but look at my picture with bigfoot?! Priceless.

-Producer Lightning

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