WATCH: 4 Massachusetts Legends Hilariously Set Boston Man Up On Blind Date

Photo: YouTube.con/PopUpShow

It's not every day you can say you've been set up on a blind date by one Massachusetts legend — let alone four — but that's exactly what happened to one man in Boston who learned how to meet women "the old fashioned way."

Paul Costabile travels the country visiting the "less-traveled towns of middle America" for his upbeat Pop-Up Show, according to the show's website. In a recent episode, he found himself in Massachusetts learning everything from the history of Paul Revere to the struggle of finding someone a date while dressed as a historical figure.

In the video, Costabile meets the four Tobin brothers dressed as Paul Revere who for 30 years have been reenacting his famous ride that warned Revolutionaries that the British forces were coming their way. After learning a bit of the history, and getting dressed as the man himself, Costabile and the group decided to help a Boston man find love in the city.

Posing as a woman from a dating app, they met Jeff and took him on a trek through the city to find another date in a way that would make any Revolutionary proud. The group run into McKayla at a park and she agrees to go on a date after hearing a poem recited by one of the Reveres. Jeff and McKayla end up hitting if off and grabbing a drink at the Warren Tavern, the very bar that Paul Revere used to frequent.

With his mission accomplished, he moved on to pranking Red Sox fans by dressing as a Sox fan before ultimately revealing the hidden New York Yankees uniform underneath. While most of the unsuspecting "prankees" looked defeated or even booed him, one turned the tables on Costabile and surprised him by proudly saying, "Go Yanks." It was all in good fun though, as the video showed everyone smiling and having a good time on a night out in the city.

Check out the full video below.

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