Family Left Without A Roof After Contractor They Didn't Hire Removed It

New roof being built for a house extension PR

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An Idaho family has been living without a roof for the past few weeks after a mix-up by a local contractor. Jessica Hotvedt said that her daughter came home from school and was surprised to see a crew removing the roof of their home.

Hotvedt said the contractor left a letter apologizing for the mix-up, blaming it on a miscommunication that resulted in the crew being sent to the wrong address. They promised that their insurance company would cover the costly mistake and get their roof replaced.

Unfortunately, Hotvedt said the insurance company has denied her claims and that her family has been forced to live with a tarp over their head.

"It was a mistake, a very costly mistake, and it should have been fixed," Hotvedt told KXLY. "It just should have been fixed, but no one will do it."

To make matters worse, there has been heavy rain, which has caused water to seep into their house, causing even more damage.

"It's very, very stressful, mainly affecting the kid's room," she said. "The kids don't want to sleep up there because of the moldy smell, mildew smell is just overwhelming for them."

The family said they are trying to find another contractor who will replace their roof but don't have the $70,000 necessary to get the work done. They said they have reached out to lawyers and contacted the Idaho and Washington's Attorney Generals and the Better Business Bureau.

The contractor told the news station he was trying to resolve the issue but did not provide any details and refused to comment on camera.

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