Brittany's Blog: Where is Mollie Tibbetts?

Have you been following the case of Mollie Tibbetts?

The search for the missing University of Iowa student continues. Mollie Tibbetts has been missing for four weeks. Mollie’s boyfriend, Dalton Jack, saw her for the last time before leaving town for work at a construction site with his brother. Mollie had agreed to dog-sit while he was gone. Mollie’s brother, Jake, dropped her off at Dalton’s house on July 16th, where Mollie stayed alone to watch the dogs.

Mollie was last seen jogging near her hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa on July 18th. Mollie planned to have dinner at her mother’s house but failed to show up on the 18th. The next day, she didn’t show up to work at a daycare center. Her boyfriend became concerned and reported her missing.

Police have interviewed many people. This week, investigators have searched a nearby pig farm and cornfields looking for Mollie.  

However, Mollie’s father, Rob Tibbetts, believes his daughter is still alive with someone she knows. Tibbetts said he is not giving up and he has hope his daughter will be found alive.

He told Fox News, “It’s totally speculation on my part, but I think Mollie is with someone that she knows, that is in over their head. That there was some kind of misunderstanding about the nature of the relationship and at this point they don’t know how to get out from under this.”

He added, “The longer we go without finding Mollie’s body, the more hopeful we are that she’s alive somewhere and going through something that she can survive.”

There is a reward of $260,000 for Mollie’s safe return. Let’s pray Mollie will be found soon, alive and well.

If you have any information of Mollie Tibbett’s disappearance contact Crime Stoppers at 800-452-1111 or Tibbetts tipline at 641-623-5679 

Brittany Jennings


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