Dogs get depressed when their owners use smartphones too much

Photo: Getty Images

A United Kingdom-based study has learned that dogs may suffer from depression if their owners ignore them.

Veterinarian Dr. Alexander Collada says he sees the effects of many pet owners excessive cell phone use.

“Dogs do read body language. They read our eye contact. They read our facial expressions, so if we are on our phone and acting disinterested, and they’re looking for attention it basically is annoying your dog,” said Collada.

Veterinary surgeon Iain Booth, also explained the effects of human’s overuse of smartphones in front of our pets to The Metro.

He said, “The dog requires constant feedback and interaction. It wants to please you – that’s simply how its evolutionary hard-wired. If it’s sitting there looking up at you, but you’re too busy gawping at someone’s irrelevant snap on Facebook, you’ve got a problem.”

He added, “You do that consistently for weeks, months and years on end and you’re going to get some real behavioral issues.”

Here’s a little advice; spend more time with your pup and less time on your phone.

Brittany Jennings


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