Amy Schumer to boycott the Super Bowl in support of Kaepernick

Photo: Getty Images

Comedian Amy Schumer announced on Instagram that she won’t be in any Super Bowl ads this year.

"Hitting the nfl with the advertisers is the only way to really hurt them," she said in the post, "I know opposing the nfl is like opposing the nra. Very tough, but don't you want to be proud of how you're living?"

Schumer also questioned whether or not white players in the NFL who don't kneel with their black teammates are 'complicit' in the 'endless racism people of color face in our country.'

"Once you witness the truly deep inequality and endless racism people of color face in our country, not to mention the police brutality and murders," she wrote, "why not kneel next to your brothers? Otherwise how are you not complicit?"

As you know, Colin Kaepernick, began kneeling during the national anthem at NFL games during the 2016 season to protest social injustices and police brutality.

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