Video: Ghost Watches Boy on Bike?

A mother in England was astounded when she looked at some footage of her  son learning to ride his bike and saw what she believes to be the ghost  of an old woman watching over the boy. The weird scene was filmed by  Louise Lenton and took place in the town of Paignton at a parking lot  outside of a disused 19th century building known as the Oldway Mansion.  The mom told a local newspaper that they picked the area because it was particularly flat and, thus, a good place for the youngster to practice riding.

Lenton hadn't thought much of the moment until she later got home and  watched the video she had taken earlier in the day. It is at that point  that she spotted something strange in the window of the mansion and,  upon closer inspection, saw what appears to be an elderly woman wearing  Victorian-era clothes. She subsequently showed it to her partner and  neither one of them could explain the presence of the out-of-place  observer in the video.

Find out what the mom learned when she contacted officials in charge of maintaining the historic mansion at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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