Kuhner's Corner: Why Diehl Won

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Mass. Republican has bright political future

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Forget the media conventional wisdom. Republican challenger Geoff Diehl was the big winner Tuesday night. Yes, Sen. Elizabeth Warren won re-election. In fact, Fauxcohontas slaughtered Diehl, winning by over 25 percentage points.

Yet, Diehl showed that he has by far more intelligence, knowledge of Massachusetts issues, and character. Warren won for only one reason: Massachusetts is a deep-blue state. Following Tuesday night’s results, it is probably the most left-wing state in America. Radical Democrats dominate Massachusetts—and they sent back to Congress a leading member of the lunatic left.

Warren campaigned on an openly socialist and globalist platform: Medicare-for-all government health care (total cost: $32 trillion); a national $15-an-hour minimum wage; raising middle and working class taxes by 50-90 percent; abolishing ICE; open borders; mass amnesty for all illegal immigrants; supporting sanctuary cities; vilifying law enforcement, saying they are all “racist”; championing transgender bathrooms; abolishing the Second Amendment; opposing free speech rights; promoting anti-white bigotry; and justifying, even glamorizing leftist mob rule and domestic terrorist groups, such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. She is the candidate of the revolutionary campus left. It’s no wonder that liberals in Massachusetts, a state inundated with colleges and universities, would pull the lever for Warren. She’s a 69-year-old student activist in pant suits.

Moreover, she benefited from massive voter and media fraud. Diehl exposed Warren for having engaged in illegal fundraising during the Kavanaugh confirmation battle. In short, Warren broke the law. Our media class, however, largely ignored the bombshell story. In particular, the Boston Globe embarrassed itself as a servile water carrier for Warren. It acted as her campaign’s communications arm. I was flooded with phone calls from listeners describing what they witnessed at numerous polls: illegal voting. Callers cited countless instances where illegal aliens, speaking only Spanish, were given pieces of paper with instructions on which candidate to vote for and what box to check on the ballot questions. Another common complaint: Witnesses saw buses of special needs individuals being brought to the polls, and then being told how to vote. Hint: They were all ordered to vote Democrat. This is the hackerama in action; Massachusetts is a one-party Democratic mafia state. Nobody knows how to steal votes better than these leftist hacks.

Diehl never had a chance. Still, he ran an honest, principled campaign. He barnstormed the state. Unlike Warren, he went door to door, neighborhood to neighborhood, visiting every town, city and district. Diehl waged a real grass-roots effort. Fauxcohontas, however, was often not even in the state. She was too busy fundraising and campaigning for Democrats in Tennessee, Ohio, Wisconsin and Oklahoma. She took Massachusetts’ liberal voters for granted. Now we know why. The further out of the American mainstream she goes, and the more she embraces the radical hard left, the more they love her. Her firebrand ultra-progressivism may play well here. But in the rest of the country it is political poison. She is toxic—and after this campaign even more radioactive.

Diehl, on the other hand, championed a common-sense populist agenda. He believes in border security, low taxes, balanced budgets, the rule of law, stopping illegal immigration and a foreign policy based on the national interest. The Moonbats may despise it, but Middle America loves it.

Most importantly, unlike Gov. Charlie Baker, Diehl showed he is not a political whore—a cynical opportunist willing to say and do anything for power. Diehl refused to sell out to the Democratic establishment; Baker has become a liberal Democrat in everything but name. If he had any honor, then Baker would officially switch parties (he won’t).

The result is that Diehl is now the de facto head of the Massachusetts Republicans. He commands the support—and loyalty—of the state GOP grass roots in a way that Baker could only dream of. Baker won re-election because so many Democrats (and leftists) support him. He has betrayed Republicans. Diehl hasn’t. This is why he will remain a potent force in GOP politics for years. He has a bright future. Diehl can run for governor or U.S. Senate again. Next time, however, he will have name recognition and a better understanding of the political gangsters that comprise the Democratic machine.

Ultimately, the real losers are the liberal voters of Massachusetts. Diehl’s crushing defeat is a damning indictment of them. Given the choice between an honorable, honest patriot and a phony Indian con artist, who has abused her office to enrich herself to the tune of millions of dollars, they chose Warren. Pathetic.

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs from noon-3:00 pm EST. He can be reached at: jeffreykuhner@iheartmedia.com


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