Biden’s Socialist Revolution: America is marching toward tyranny

Authoritarian socialism is on the march. This is the real meaning of the Biden presidency. And if Republicans and conservatives don’t wake up to the growing danger soon, America—as we have known it—will be no more.

Joe Biden and the far left are determined to achieve one goal: To transform the United States into a progressive, one-party state. The Senate’s passage of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, with 19 establishment Republicans (including Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell) voting in favor, represents a massive step forward for Biden’s radical agenda.

The bill is a monstrosity. Only 23 percent of the funds actually goes toward hard infrastructure—roads, bridges, highways, airports and broadband. The rest is a wish list of woke special pet programs and pork barrel projects. For example, the bill includes $125 million to push states and localities to introduce a vehicle mileage tax. That’s right: Democrats now want to tax every mile that you drive on the road. Hence, the federal government will be monitoring and tracking vehicles in order to charge a mileage fee for the “privilege” of driving.

But it gets worse. The bill contains carve-outs and exemptions from the “Buy American” rules that accompany domestic infrastructure programs. At the behest of the Biden White House, Chinese companies and businesses connected to Beijing’s Communist regime can supply the steel, iron, manufacturing and construction materials for many of the infrastructure projects. In other words, most of the jobs, manufacturing and investment will not go to American workers and contractors, but China. It is a massive betrayal, a public boondoggle that, according to the Congressional Budget Office, will add at least $256 billion to our soaring national debt.

Yet, the bill’s greatest flaw is how it was created—and passed. It was an act of tyranny; we are no longer a representative, self-governing republic. The bill was written in secret, bypassing the traditional legislative committee mark-up process. There were no hearings, no expert testimony, and no opportunity for citizens to comment or even know what was being put into the bill. It is 2,700 pages long. Not one senator had the time or chance to read it, never mind discuss and debate it. It was simply rammed through the Senate. Deliberative democracy is dead. The people have no say over the laws that govern them.

Moreover, the legislation sets up an even greater monstrosity: The $3.5 trillion budget “reconciliation” bill. If passed, it will permanently alter America into a socialist, cradle-to-grave welfare state. It seeks to establish free daycare, free pre-kindergarten, free community college, a massive expansion of Medicare and Medicaid, the Green New Deal, and make the $300 weekly federal unemployment supplemental payment, which was supposed to be temporary, permanent. Finally, the bill would also grant amnesty to over 13 million illegal aliens—including convicted criminals.

If radical Democrats want to pass amnesty or erect massive, new entitlement programs, then they should do it as stand-alone bills. And let the American people debate the merits of the issue. Amnesty, for example, would fundamentally change America’s social, cultural, demographic, economic and political landscape. To sneak it into a so-called “budget” bill is not just immoral and wrong, but profoundly anti-democratic—a gross violation of our constitutional system. It is an act of pure deception, as well as a frontal assault on representative government.

Biden and the Democrats already passed a $1.9 trillion relief package in March. Combined they are proposing over $6 trillion in spending, the largest increase in human history. It will bury the country under a mountain of debt, triggering skyrocketing inflation, record budget deficits and huge tax hikes. It will break America’s economic back, turning the United States into a Third-World banana republic. We will become the Venezuela of the North.

This state socialism, however, is being fused with growing censorship and authoritarianism. Progressives are now demanding mask mandates, vaccine mandates and vaccine passports. New York City and San Francisco have already imposed a system of medical apartheid—residents must show proof of Covid-19 vaccination or else they will not be allowed to work, travel or go to restaurants and gyms. It is government-sanctioned persecution: The jab or your job, inject an experimental vaccine into your body or be prevented from participating in mainstream society. Biden and the Democrats—along with their woke allies in Big Media, Big Tech and Big Business—are slowly implementing a form of medical fascism, systematically demonizing the unvaccinated and stripping them of their basic freedoms and civil liberties.

When Sen. Rand Paul recently called for large-scale peaceful disobedience against vaccine passports and mask and vaccine mandates, rightly arguing that it violates the fundamental precepts of personal responsibility and individual choice, he was censored on social media. YouTube took down his videos, including a speech he delivered on the Senate floor, which is supposed to be constitutionally protected.

If Big Tech—egged on by the Biden administration in the name of combating “misinformation”—can muzzle a prominent, influential member of Congress, such as Paul, then they can suppress anyone. And they are doing just that: Countless conservatives, patriots and opponents of the Biden regime have been de-platformed, silenced and canceled. The goal is obvious: To crush all dissent from government orthodoxy. The dark night of censorship has arrived; free speech is dying in Biden’s America.

The time for talk is over. Americans who still cherish liberty and our constitutional republic must galvanize, hold rallies and peaceful demonstrations before it’s too late. We need a new Tea Party movement—serious, passionate and vocal protests to reclaim our diminishing rights and freedoms. We need a Republican Party that will not surrender and capitulate, but ferociously stand up to Biden’s creeping dictatorship. We need—all of us—to get involved in our local school boards, neighborhoods and communities. The time for action is now. Otherwise, Biden’s socialist revolution will triumph—and America will be plunged into a political and moral abyss. 

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs 6:00-10:00 am EST. He can be reached at:

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