New COVID guidelines in MA start today, Friday November 6th, 2020

Today, November 6th, 2020 is the day that new COVID-19 guidelines begin in the state of Massachusetts per Governor Charlie Baker's new order. Due to the rise in Coronavirus cases throughout the state, Gov. Baker has implemented new guidelines for Massachusetts citizens to follow while out in public. This of course comes in an effort to reduce the number of COVID cases and prevent greater spread during these Winter months. In Massachusetts, COVID-19 cases are up 278% and hospitalizations up 145% since Labor Day. The new guidelines became affective 12AM Friday morning and will continue for at least a month then will be reassessed. These are the new guidelines that the state put in place for anyone in Massachusetts:

  • New Stay At Home Order - Residents are asked to stay in their homes between the hours of 10pm and 5am unless they are going to work, taking a walk, or running critical errands.
  • Everyone over the age of 5 years old MUST wear a mask in all public places at all times unless eating or drinking.
  • Restaurants and package stores must stop selling liquor at 9:30pm .
  • In Person dining must end at 9:30pm (takeout & delivery may continue).
  • Marijuana sales must end at 9:30pm (this does not include medical marijuana).
  • Other businesses including: Nail salons, gyms, casinos, theaters, museums, zoos, sports facilities, and more are to be closed ay 9:30pm.
  • New indoor gathering limit of 10 people
  • New outdoor gathering limit of 25 people

^if you break any of the indoor/outdoor gathering limits it's $500 per person over the limit.

How do you feel about this? Like I just mentioned in my tweet, thank God I live in NH where our Governor Chris Sununu informs the citizens of what is going on but still trusts us to be vigilant in our everyday lives, to do our part, and doesn't force us into it with these totalitarian guidelines. Now this might come back and bite me in the ass but for now it appears while NH has a rise, the Governor is still confident in the citizens to do their part on their own with the state's suggestions. By the way, I'm all for wearing the masks, social distancing, and avoiding large crowds. There is a different between that and the government saying you're on the street past 10pm, that's unacceptable, get back in your house! Massachusetts acts like a ton of citizens go out past 9:30pm in the winter months and get wild and gather in large numbers. That's never been the case so I don't see any reason to have a full blown curfew, I think that's ridiculous. Additionally, with this order you can kiss the gyms goodbye. Do you know how many people go to the gym in the evening hours and after work? Not to mention the gyms are trying to survive during these crazy times. There is absolutely no reason for the gyms to not be open, just cut down on your patrons at varying times and space them out with less people and the right safety measures. Don't even get me started with the alcohol sales...why is it necessary to close at 9:30pm? Is there a secret mad rush at 10pm that we don't know about? They act like it's Coronavirus after dark where this gets nefarious. Give me a break. There is no big difference between the daytime and the nighttime. Having a curfew will accomplish NOTHING. It's simple: wear a mask, social distance, do not touch anything then touch your nose, eyes, or mouth, and wash your hands every time you touch a foreign surface in public. Additionally, be diligent about cleaning commonly used items for yourself such as your phone, steering wheel, keyboard, mouse, keys, wallet, credit cards, etc. It's not that difficult. I understand there are idiots out there who refuse to do any of this and I suppose the government is left with having to try and enforce something but I think idiots will still be idiots no matter what you tell them they have to do. I suppose at the end of the day the Governor and MA officials can live with themselves knowing they did everything they could but quite honestly I think some of it is over the line and unnecessary. Just my thoughts though, what's yours?

-Producer Lightning