President Trump will not be attending the inauguration on January 20th

President Donald Trump made the announcement today that he will not be attending the inauguration on January 20th. There was much speculation about whether he would attend given his refusal to accept President-elect Joe Biden as the legitimate winner of November's election. This marks the second president to bow out of this month's inauguration. The Carters have also decided not to attend but due to COVID concerns. Former President Jimmy Carter is 96 years old.

Various media outlets are already beginning to criticize the President's decision for refusing to go to the inauguration during a time the country is looking for unity. Do you think this was a smart decision by President Trump? While I do not think it's a great idea that he declined and I wish he would go to show some unity and physical respect for the transition of power, I also see why he would decline and how hurtful it might be for him to attend the inauguration of his opponent who defeated him. Despite the fact that it's a tradition for outgoing Presidents to welcome in the new President, there would be nothing authentic about President Trump doing so and do we really want him putting on an act that all is well and he's happy about it? I get you have to sometimes put on a happy face and do the things you do not always want to do but he knows if he went to that inauguration, his base would be furious and he would lose the respect and admiration of a lot of them so he's not stupid. He's doing it to keep his base happy and hold onto that base for a future 2024 run. He's doing what is best for him and his base and the Democrats will argue he's only concerned about himself and not the best interest of the country based on this decision. The big question does remain, is his decision the best decision for the country?

-Producer Lightning