CIA recruitment video; is it "woke" propaganda?

The CIA has come out with a new recruitment ad that features a minority women who labels herself in the ad as a "cisgender millennial" who is "intersectional" and has been "diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder". The ad was met with criticism in which people were calling the CIA "woke" and some saying, "I think it's safe to say the contemporary American left has failed." Do you find this CIA recruitment video to be unnecessarily "woke"? What is your takeaway from this video and does it inspire you to want to apply for the Central Intelligence Agency? Watch the video here:

I personally find this video to be unnecessarily "woke". With all do respect, it's too "look at me" for me taste. Who cares? Sorry, call me harsh but I don't need to know you're a "cisgender millennial" who has "generalized anxiety disorder". Guess what? I've been diagnosed with that too but you don't see me walking around advertising "I'm a millennial women" who has "generalized anxiety disorder" or I'll take it one step further, "Graves Disease". Does it really matter what my gender is or what disorders I have battled? Is that crucial to my job placement? I'm happy for her and that's great but here's the big question, does this video inspire you? Does that information make you want to join the CIA and be just like her? For some people, maybe. For me, no. I could be alone in my thinking but apparently I'm not because there has been a lot of criticism over this video. Sen. Ted Cruz took the route of sarcasm when criticizing this video...

What do you want to see when you see a recruitment video? I personally want to see the perks of the job and how cool it is to do that job. Sell me on why I should apply. Why does it kick ass to be in the CIA? I don't care if you're Black, White, Asian, other and what you've overcome. No offense. This isn't an ad for Prozac. It's an ad for the CIA. I already know I can overcome challenges, I've lived it. I want to know why this particular job challenge is worth going after. That's what a recruitment video should be about. That's my hard take on this video. Call me part of the hard Right, call me insensitive, call me whatever you want but the most accurate term is calling me realistic.

-Producer Lightning

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