Is your 90s toy worth big bucks? It could be!

Are you a 90s kid? I am. Maybe you are a parent of a 90s kid and remember that famous Christmas' spent trying to get your hands on the hot new toy the Furby...or maybe you remember scouring the local mall or town stores to get your hands on the hottest new Beanie Baby your kid had to have that month. I remember the days of my 90s youth like yesterday. I was obsessed with Beanie Babies and once I got a mini Goldie (orange fish) Beanie Baby out of my McDonald's Happy Meal when they were just starting to push the Beanie Babies, I was obsessed. I think my mom was too because from that point on I remember fondly the two of us going on adventures to search out various Beanie Babies to add to our collection. As a matter of fact, the reason I got my very first dog, my beloved cocker spaniel Nikita (yes the dog whose name I have tattooed on my ankle) was because Corky the Beanie Baby was my favorite Beanie Baby and I become infatuated with the idea of getting a real life Corky. I finally worked on my parents enough that they agreed we could get a cocker spaniel. Needless to say, I was a Beanie Baby kid. I think that's a given after I just distinctly remembered the exact name of at least two Beanie Babies right off the top of my head! The reason I bring all of this up is because according to The ToyZone Team, these classic toys such as various Beanie Babies as well as the Furby, the Deluxe Home Alone 2 TalkBoy, select American Girl Dolls, various Nintendo 64 games, and more are worth BIG bucks today! So how much do some of these toys go for? I'm talking upwards as much as $50,000 dollars!

Here is a breakdown of some of the highest paying 90s toys on the market right now thanks to the research done by The ToyZone Team:

Rainbow the Chameleon - Beanie Baby (1997)

Price: $50,000


-Valentina (With Errors) - Beanie Baby (1998)

Price: $29,999

-Princess Diana (Rare Edition) - Beanie Baby (1997)

Price: $18,950

-Pouch - Beanie Baby (1996)

Price: $19,000

-GoldenEye 007 Nintendo 64 Game (1997)

Price: $14,499

Photo: Wikipedia

-Claude The Crab - Beanie Baby (1996)

Price: $14,000

-Electronic Furby (1998)

Price: $10,000


-Home Alone 2 Deluxe Talkboy AFA 75+ (1995)

Price: $10,000


-Super Smash Bros Nintendo 64 Game (1999)

Price: $9,976

-American Girl Felicity Merriman Doll (1991)

Price: $7,820


-Game Boy Pokemon Pikachu Edition (1999)

Price: $7,550

-Super Mario Nintendo 64 Game (1996)

Price: $5,001

-Thunder Megazord Power Ranger (1994)

Price: $4,914

-Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time Nintendo 64 Game (1998)


These are just some of the highest paying 90s toys going right now; there's more! People are selling their old classic 90s toys on Ebay for these prices and guess what? People are buying them! I have to tell you, I know I used to have some of these old classic toys and the same goes for my husband. It's a matter of if we still have them and where! Looks like I'll be scouring my parents attic and maybe I'll get lucky enough to pay off my mortgage! Ha! I suggest you check your attics and basements and maybe you too could get a nice fat paycheck! On second thought, maybe don't because I want to cash in on it first before there becomes a surplus...!

Much thanks to the team at The ToyZone for doing this research and bringing it to my attention! Head over to their website for a more extensive list on how much these 90s toys are going for, HERE.

Photo: The ToyZone

Happy hunting!

-Producer Lightning

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