Flash of Lightning: Week of November 15th

This week's Flash of Lightning features these updates:

Bernie Sanders was definitely feeling the BURN after this moment...

Will The Rock be the next James Bond?

New England's favorite coffee shop brings you these new holiday treats!

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BURNNNNN! I guess Elon Musk wanted Bernie to feel the burn! I mean can you blame him? Musk has donated millions to charity, and put so much of his own money towards space advancement (actually that's the goal of his wealth to transform humanity into a multi-planet species), not to mention he has paid millions in taxes. Sure you can make the argument that billionaires such as Musk have found loopholes to get out of paying so much such as rejecting a salary from Tesla and instead receiving stock offerings which offers tax benefits. Furthermore billionaires can get around high capital gains taxes by taking out loans and paying back the loan and interest which can end up being lower than their capital gains tax would be. Despite all that though, should Elon Musk really dish out millions more in taxes just because he has it by rightfully earning it and made it through our capitalistic society? Bernie thinks so, Elizabeth Warren thinks so and countless other progressive Democrats. Elon just had it with them hounding him about his money and I don't blame him!

Hot chocolate bombs are a version of hot chocolate that essentially "explode" in your mug. It's a ball of chocolate, most times a hollow ball filled with other toppings like sprinkles, marshmallows, etc. The bombs became very popular after they blew up (no pun intended) on TikTok. Well Dunkin jumped on the bandwagon and is trying to capitalize on society's new craze and who can blame them? They're giving the people what they want! Dunkin is marketing these bombs as perfect stocking stuffers this year! They are available to order on Amazon, as well as major chain stores such as Big Lots, Christmas Tree Shops, and more. More details on locations, HERE.

Do you think The Rock would make a good James Bond? He thinks so! Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson wants to play the famous spy in any future upcoming Bond movie. He was speaking to Esquire Magazine when he brought up his wishes of following in his grandfather's footsteps, who played a villain in You Only Live Twice with Sean Connery. Only The Rock won't play a villain, he wants to play the leading man! Will he be the next Bond? Does he have a shot? Hear The Rock speaking about his future dream role...

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