Flash of Lightning: June 17, 2022

This week's Flash stories?

Jack & Coke in a premade can? Umm, yes please!

Say bye bye to Internet Explorer! #ByeBitch

The full scoop, here!

HELL YEAH to the Jack and Coke that's pre-canned and ready to go! I mean obviously I'd rather a fresh bar made Jack and Coke but hey what about those camping trips, summer bonfires, and tailgates? Um, yeah this sounds like a GREAT idea! Sign me up for my favorite cocktail in a premade can with the OG ingredients signing off on it. LETS GO!

& are we really that surprised or sad about Internet Explorer? No. Internet Explorer is the old dinosaur icon on your desktop that is there because it just is but you never actually use it because new and improved internet browsers have taken off and are far more capable of handling your browsing needs. Explorer was great when it started and we were first introduced to Microsoft's browser but it's time to lay it to rest. You real solid back in the back, Explorer and kudos to you for your role in semi pioneering internet browsing but it's time you were laid to rest.

R.I.P Internet Explorer.

-Lady Lightning

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