The Red Sox Playoff hopes are over, Thanks in part to the bullpen.

With the Red Sox 5.5 games back of the wild card, and 16 back in the division. I think it's safe to say they have no shot at repeating as World Series champs. You could call it a World Series hangover, but this team has stunk and even if by some miracle they get to the wild card playoff, with ace Chris Sale (who’s been horrible this year) out. The lack of your best one game pitcher they would need to get past either the Cleveland Indians or the Tampa Bay Rays. Not to mention this is a team with no bullpen, with a league-leading 27 blown saves as proof. Being a 30-year-old out of shape guy who couldn’t get the ball to the plate, nor break 45mph on my fastball. I could probably do a better job of closing out games, I mean I feel like I could get lucky and pick up 3 outs at least once.

We all know that Dave Dombrowski avoided paying Craig Kimbrel the huge contract he wanted in the offseason. That was a good call as closers tend to wear down faster than starting pitcher. But for the love of all that’s holy, that didn’t mean the Sox need to avoid the position altogether! Bringing in any pitcher who could close a game out, for crying out loud. Now I understand if someone last year had shown the ability to. But that’s not the case, and it’s been reaffirmed. Hell, I don’t even think they need a closer, just get me someone who can pitch out of the bullpen.

The next seven games are crucial for the Sox, in those games they play six at home, two against the Twins and four against the Yankees. They have a 2-2 record against the Twins, having dropped the first game of the three-game series last night. I wouldn’t be too excited about that. As the Twins had one of their rougher months of the year in June when they last played. While the Sox had their third-best month and were in the middle of a winning streak. Coming into this series the Twins are playing a lot better, but let’s say they win two out of three, the next four games are against the Yankees. Who the sox have a 4-11 record against this season, and the Sox could easily lose three out of four and further get buried in the wild card standings!

Look you can tell me it’s just seven games out of the month, and their still in it, but the Miami Dolphins have a better chance of making the playoffs right now than the Red Sox do! It’s not just on the pitching staff, the offense hasn’t been much better, but if we’re going to look at it subjectively. With 27 blown saves, and countless blown leads in the 7th or 8th, are we really going to blame an offense that has produced at times? Well at least we have the Patriots coming up, they rarely disappoint, and the Bruins and Celtics start-up in about a month. They should help take away from the disappointment that is the Boston Red Sox, who’s slogan in the playoff last year was “Do Damage”. Well, their bullpen did damage, to their record, and there’s no way with a less than 3% chance of making the playoffs in a month where they historically don’t do well. That they’re going to be able to rebound, from a hole that was dug by their bullpen. But that means we can get on to my favorite slogan when fall starts rolling around. Are you ready for some football!

Matt McElwain


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