Southern New England Under Flash Flood Watch From Michael


BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- The National Weather Service warns that southern New England, including Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and parts of Vermont, will be under a flash flood watch from Thursday night into Friday due to the remnants of Hurricane Michael, now downgraded to a tropical storm and moving up the east coast.

The NWS said the highest risk would be across the southeast part of the region, where areas might see gusts of wind between 35 and 50 mph. New England was still expected to escape any serious impact from the storm.


CBS News meteorologist David Parkinson said the storm was moving through North Carolina and Virginia Thursday, but that it would be moving quickly.

"By Friday morning, it's scooting out of there, it's just Cape Cod, the Vineyard, and Nantucket that are dealing with it," he said. "It's that fast--it's a really quick progression, unlike some of the storms we've been seeing. But Friday morning's commute, particularly in the New York and Boston areas, could be a little bit wet. Travel could be impacted by airlines, want to make sure you're paying attention to that."


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