Weekend Nor'easter Could Bring Down Trees, Knock Out Power


BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- There's a nor'easter bearing down on New England this weekend--and the National Weather Service is warning that it may do some damage.

NWS meteorologist Lenore Correia says the storm has the potential to knock down trees and tree limbs and to cause power outages, especially along southeast Massachusetts. She said the storm is not expected to be as strong as those the area saw last March, but that it would still be formidable.

"Our main concerns right now are heavy rainfall and some strong winds," Correia said. "We're expecting about one to two inches of rainfall on the southeast coast of Massachusetts and portions of Rhode Island, and one to an inch and a half elsewhere across Massachusetts. Also, we are looking at some strong winds, mainly across the southeast coast again, probably between 45 and 50 mph, so there are going to be quite some strong gusts and possibly some tree damages, and also some power outages as well that we should be aware of."

Correia said residents should be prepared for the possibility of power outages.


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