Scituate Approves $4 Million In Seawall Repairs

scituate seawall

A section of seawall in Scituate. (Doug Cope/WBZ NewsRadio)

SCITUATE (WBZ-AM) -- Another winter of potential nor'easters is coming--and while some of the seawalls have been repaired or replaced in Scituate, many sections need work. That's why a special town meeting Wednesday night approved $4,000,000 in seawall repairs.


George Simmons' family has been living along the shore in Scituate for three generations. He told WBZ NewsRadio's Doug Cope he's glad the repairs got approved.

"The seawalls are important," Simmons said. "Some of these seawalls were built in the '30s during the WPA, and it's time that we upgraded them, that we repair 'em. They're a good barrier that keeps everybody safe."


Despite the rough weather, he says he enjoys living there.

"The storms are exciting, and you gotta remember, this is a great place to live 360 days a year," he said. "And there's five days that are a little tough, and I understand that--but the rest of the time, I wouldn't give this up for anything."


Dave and his wife moved to Hatherly Beach in Scituate from Connecticut four years ago. They've done a lot of prep to their home, but the flood waters still surround their house during a big storm. Even so, he's glad the seawalls are there.

"I think it's good," he said. "I'd like to see it finished so the water doesn't come around from the south and get us that way."

WBZ NewsRadio's Doug Cope (@dcopewbz) reports



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