Frigid, Possibly Record-Breaking Temperatures Are Coming This Week

minimum temperatures cold snap

(National Weather Service)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) — New England is forecast to see a record-breaking cold snap this week, while areas north and west of Boston were expected to get snow.

Flurries were spotted across the city Tuesday morning, with more snow set to hit this afternoon. The National Weather Service said Boston would likely see less than an inch of accumulation starting in early evening, but that Western Massachusetts could see 6-8 inches of snow starting late Tuesday afternoon.

MEMA said that, south of the Providence-Boston line, snow would likely change to rain, but above that line, it would be all snow, ending Wednesday morning—though some areas could see squalls into Wednesday afternoon.


According to MEMA, strong winds between 35-55 mph were possible, with winds being even stronger across the Cape and Islands.

After the snow, temperatures will plummet and float around in the single digits Wednesday. That night and into Thursday morning, temperatures in Boston could go down to -9 degrees. Wind chills, MEMA said, could drop to between 10 and 25 degrees below zero.

These temperatures could break records—the NWS said the lowest high temperature for January 31 in Boston was 12 degrees, and that could be shattered.


It's part of a wave of cold temperatures currently hitting the Midwest, where officials say -30 degrees in many areas is possible and warn that that kind of cold is life threatening.



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