Rand Paul: Comey worst FBI Director we’ve ever had

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Former FBI Director James Comey is the worst head of the agency in history, said Sen. Rand Paul.

“James Comey will go down in history as the worst FBI Director we’ve ever had. He politicized the agency first by making public announcements and press releases about Hillary Clinton and then by politicizing the agency by going after Donald Trump. So, I’ve think he’s done great damage to the FBI”, the Kentucky Republican told Jeff Kuhner in an exclusive interview on The Kuhner Report.

During the interview, Paul took a swipe at Comey stating there is a lack of trust between Americans and law enforcement.

“The FBI needs to be a police agency we can trust and for the most part we can. I think the local FBI agents are good people but we need to trust them not to be abusing their office, not to be researching databases because you are a Trump supporter, a Republican or a conservative, and I think we’ve lost that trust,” Paul said.

He also said, that under Comey’s watch, senior FBI officials abused their positions to attack their enemies, most notably, President Trump. “It’s supposed to be politicians as representatives of the people are supposed to keep our intelligence agencies and our police forces in check. He [Comey] actually sees the police forces of the FBI as an agency that should keep the president in check.”

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