Liberal media blame Trump for Roseanne racist tweets

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We are all aware of Roseanne’s racist and bizarre twitter rant. It took a few short hours before the liberal media was blaming President Trump for her tweets.

CNN’s Don Lemon claims Trump is trafficking racism. He said, “This is, again, the normalization of conspiracy theories and racism, and we cannot allow that to happen. It will hurt––it is hurting the fabric of American society. People who are racist don’t know they’re racist or they say they believe that––people are gonna believe they’re not racist simply because they say it is. I think we need a crash course in exactly what racism is, and again, this President is trafficking in it, just as Roseanne did.”

Also, CNN’s Van Jones piled on. He praised ABC for cancelling the show.

“I thought she was probably gonna get away with it. I was as shocked as anybody else when there was actually consequences. Consequences for racism in America? I think you’re starting to see now––whether it’s Starbucks and what they did today… or ABC-Disney, it could be that this moral collapse inside our political system, and especially inside the White House, is being counterbalanced now.”

Are you shocked? I’m not!

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