Trump says Mollie Tibbetts has been “permanently separated” from her family

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo says it’s “offensive” for President Donald Trump to mention that Mollie Tibbetts has been “permanently separated” from her family.

As you know, Mollie Tibbetts was found dead on Tuesday. Cristhian Bahena Rivera, a 24-year-old Mexican man who is in the United States illegally, was charged with her murder on Wednesday after he confessed to killing her.

In the White House video, Trump says: “Mollie Tibbetts, an incredible young woman, is now permanently separated from her family. A person came in from Mexico, illegally, and killed her. We need the wall. We need our immigration laws changed. We need our border laws changed. We need Republicans to do it because Democrats aren’t going to do it. This is one instance of many. We have tremendous crime coming trying to come through the borders. We have the worst laws anywhere in the world. Nobody has laws like the United States. They are strictly pathetic. We need new immigration laws. We need new border laws. The Democrats will never give them… So, to the family of Mollie Tibbetts–all I can say is God bless you, God bless you.”

Well, Cuomo claims, “So, he cares about Mollie Tibbetts more than people who don’t believe in separating kids from parents? Or treating undocumented immigrants like dogs? Please,” Cuomo continued. “What that tells you, that even in this moment, talking about Mollie Tibbetts, he still has to play to political advantage and prove that he still doesn’t want to own what he did to those kids and many of them are still waiting to get back with their parents. We have not forgotten.”

This is CNN…

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