Gov. Charlie Baker: I simply misspoke

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Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said he misspoke after expressing hesitance over whether he'll vote for Geoff Diehl for US Senator against Elizabeth Warren.

During Wednesday's WGBH-TV debate he said he would vote for himself and a "series of other candidates." He also said he didn't know whether he would vote for Diehl, a fellow Republican or Elizabeth Warren.

Jim Braude, a moderator asked, "You don't know if you're going to vote for the guy you endorsed?"

"I haven't made a decision," Baker responded.

Gonzalez asked, "So you're asking people in Massachusetts to vote for Geoff Diehl and you're not even going to vote for him?"

"I said I was going to support the ticket and I do," Baker said. He added: "I'll make my decision eventually and I'll make sure people know."

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