New Zealand Mosque Shooter Livestreamed The Attack; Left Blames Trump


On March 14, Brenton Tarrant, a self described "Socialist," "White Supremacist," and fan of Hitler from Australia attacked a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand over the course of 17 minutes. He talked about "Starting a race war," "Putting a stop" to Muslim refugees. He was not alone, however, as a second mosque was also attacked. Those assailants were apprehended by New Zealand Police. The attack left 49 dead. Even more chilling, Tarrant decided to livestream his attack, which was removed from his Facebook for the disturbing and graphic content. The Gateway Pundit's Cristina Laila put together a four minute clip of the video:


Stuff.NZ compiled a comprehensive timeline/recap of the day.

Predictably, the Democrat Buzzwords "White Supremacist" triggered US Democrats - who put the blame for this squarely on - wait for it - President Donald J. Trump. And Christians, naturally. And in true fashion, the "Future of the Democrat Party" Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez wasted not time being awful:


Thankfully, she faced serious backlash from people who aren't as awful as she.

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